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Welcome to our frequently asked questions section. These are questions we have been asked in the past that by answering on here may help you in choosing your disco.


Q.††††††† Do you have PLI and what is it?


A. PLI stands for public liability insurance. This means we are insured if we cause damage to persons or property our insurance will pay any damages. Most venues require this from your DJ and will turn them away if they do not have it. We DO have PLI and all certificates are available for viewing.


Q. Are you P.A.T tested and what is it?


A. P.A.T testing is required by law for any person or business that uses portable electrical devices. It stands for Portable Appliance Testing. All our equipment is tested annually by outside contractor to assure you that our equipment is safe for use. Most venues also require this from your DJ and any DJ without it may be turned away.


Q. How long do you play music for?


A. All our packages on our price guide page include up to 4 hours of music time. Extra time can be purchased for £20 per half hour increment on top of this. Or £25 if booked on night.


Q. Can I provide a playlist or list of songs I must have for my function?


A. Yes of course you can. We carry a huge collection of music with us at all times anyway so if you do not wish to provide a list we can still cater for all your needs. I have a lot of experience with selecting music for a crowd and choosing too many songs in your list may tie my hands a little. But it is your function and if you choose this then we will by all means oblige.


Q. Are you a full time DJ?


A. Yes I am DJ full time and can provide parties any time during the week or weekend. Being full time also means that I have racked up a lot of hours at events and would like to think I can cater for most if not all events and eventualities.


Q. What sort of music can you provide?


A. Well I have an extensive collection of music covering all genres including : Motown, Jazz, Disco, House, Pop, Trance, Club, Garage, RnB, Rock n Roll, Britpop, Reggae, Ska, Grunge, Indie, Ballroom, 1940ís wartime, and many others. And should you have a special song we do not have for your event, let us know in advance and we will do our best to make sure we have it. At no extra charge.


Q. Do you do Karaoke?


A. Im afraid we do not provide this service.


Q. Can we use your equipment?


A. No , I am afraid our insurance does not allow this. We can offer use of a microphone for speeches etc but other than this only insured persons can touch or use our equipment.


Q. What is the difference between smoke and haze and are they suitable for asthmatics?


A. Smoke and haze are almost the same effect, the only difference is one is almost invisible and the other is visible to the eye. Neither one will effect asthmatics as they are a water based effect and non toxic. Smoke is best used for making the beams of our lighting stand out as seen in the pictures in our gallery here. Haze does the same thing but is less likely to set off smoke alarms and is less visible to the naked eye.


Q. How do I book?


A. You can email me to book , or you can ring me on 01604 406500. We ask you a few simple questions like: venue, times, your address, contact number, package required, is it upstairs and is there parking available. When we have this information we then create your contract. 2 copies will be sent to you , one to send back after being signed, the other for you to keep. We include a free stamped addressed envelope for you to send our copy back. We ask for minimum deposit of £20 to be included to secure your booking. And thatís it, booked. You can relax in the knowledge that your disco will be there on time and ready to play as agreed in the contract.


Q. What is Produb


A. A Produb Licence is used by DJís who use a digital playout system like a computer laptop or dedicated music controller (which is what we use). A DJ who uses one of these devices for your disco will require one of these or he is breaking the law. This is quite a new introduction and venues are starting to require this to allow your disco to take place.




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