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We are constantly updating our equipment and it can change daily. We pride ourselves on being able to choose the right lighting for your event , venue and occasion . We can pick and choose from the following list to make up our packages. I always make sure the lighting for your event will best suit both your needs and the room you have your event in. I have one of the biggest choices of lighting for a mobile disco in the country. I do event for all types including prize giving's, fund raisers,  Masonic dances, as well as the usual birthdays, weddings etc. So our lighting has to be flexible and believe me it is.

At the moment our equipment is as follows.



2 x Chauvet 4play lighting effects (new for 2012)

4x star cluster laser light 

1x large Mirror Ball

20.75 metres of tri truss DJ stand

2x LED Gobo flower effect

1x full colour LED scrolling sign

2x Acme Impossibleds led effect

1x 4.5 meter starcloth

2x decks starcloths

2x Deckstands 4ft + 6ft

1 acme Invincibled 10watt led effect.

1 large LED animated panel stage blinder

1x hazer smoke machine (not really smoke but give the same effect bit nicer than smoke)

3x Bubble machines (can fill a room with bubbles in less than a minute)

3x Smoke machines

2 Led moving heads

2 Led Par spotlights for mirror Balls

4 led globes

New AD J Swarm 5fx

2 Led animated Panels





We also have a very nice sound system.


2 DB Technologies opera 405 powered speakers part of the DB club LX series


2 RCF 310a Version 3


2 RCF 312A MKII’s simply the best sound available in an  active portable system.


2 RCF 702 Powered Subs


3 x Numark DDS Digital music controllers


Denon 19” rack mount mixer 5 channel pro mixer with graphic equaliser


4x Uni directional Philips microphones


4x  Sennheiser Evolution  Mics


2x Akg UHF Radio mics


Heavy duty shielded Cabling for everything this means when your mobile phone goes our sound system doesn't hear it :)


We have more not listed here but feel that listing everything would take to much space. If you need something particular ask you never know what we have ready to go.


And of course a huge choice in music covering over 70 decades of popular tunes. We have all number ones since 1960 and a lot of music predating this as well.

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